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Aussie Battler

This cute little fellow was a very young Koala that I encountered whilst it was being cared for by a volunteer wildlife carer after having sustained an injury due to being hit by a car.

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Dawn at Dingo Creek

For many years I lived on a forested property on the Mid-North Coast of NSW, this region provided me with a great deal of inspiration. Dingo Creek snaked through my property and was visible from my studio. Many a morning I was awoken by the resident Kookaburras and always thought that they looked just beautiful in the early morning light.

The time has come to unveil Rachel's latest work, depicting the Incredible Imperial Amazon and simply titled "Maria"


In September 2017 the people of Dominica collectively stared death in the face, not for a brief moment, but for over 6 long hours, praying that they and their families would survive, but with an immense fear that they would not. Hurricane Maria was not discriminatory, nor did she act with prejudice, she destroyed everything in her path with brute force the like of which has not been witnessed in living memory. No person or animal could possibly escape her fury; such was the magnitude of this mighty storm.
The flora and fauna wore the brunt of Maria’s force and it is now clear that the populations of both the Sisserou or Imperial Amazon and the Jaco or Red-necked Amazon have been left totally devastated by this natural disaster. Make no mistake; both species are NOW under serious threat of extinction.
“Maria” by Rachel Lewis, is a breathtaking, yet raw and emotion stirring artwork depicting a lone female Imperial Amazon, dubbed Maria, amongst the backdrop of destruction left by the worst hurricane to hit the region in living memory. Is the fate of the species resting solely on Maria’s shoulders…. only time will tell.

​​“Majestic Beauty”

Original Available Now 

Only $2,990 AUD!

A note from Rachel:
I really loved painting this gorgeous Hyacinth Macaw portrait, the birds colours and expression with its head and neck feathers slightly ruffled make for a great combination that helps to bring the painting to life. I used oils for this piece, and did my best to capture the birds sensitivity and impressive intellect, in particular its incredible stare.

The original is available for purchase, but first we will be creating a limited edition print from this piece. This piece is priced at the low end of Rachel's artworks, predominantly due to it's smaller overall size and lack of detail in the background, but make no mistake, this portrait is no less stunning than any of her other artworks!

To arrange to purchase this incredible piece, please get in touch with Rachel's manager, Simon Degenhard via private message or email at rachellewisart@aviarylife.com.au