Rachel Lewis Artist 

Supporting Wildlife Through Art

Calm Before The Storm
I just love the combination of the stormy sky and the beautiful colours of the Mallee Ringneck; I feel that it makes for the perfect background for this painting, adding depth and mood and making the bird really pop. 


Aussie Battler

This cute little fellow was a very young Koala that I encountered whilst it was being cared for by a volunteer wildlife carer after having sustained an injury due to being hit by a car.

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Dawn at Dingo Creek

For many years I lived on a forested property on the Mid-North Coast of NSW, this region provided me with a great deal of inspiration. Dingo Creek snaked through my property and was visible from my studio. Many a morning I was awoken by the resident Kookaburras and always thought that they looked just beautiful in the early morning light.

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Ecka And Doza

The inspiration for this painting came from an old, outdoor dunny that I saw on a neighbouring property whilst living near Dorrigo, NSW. An elderly couple, Eric and Doreen, owned the property and the fairy-wren pair reminded me of this lovely old man and his sweet wife.

Limited Edition Prints