Limited Edition Prints - Australian Parrots 

Rachel's artworks showcase the beauty of nature, capturing the very essence of her subjects in intricate detail. All of which is perfectly reflected in her range of fine art prints that are available here to the discerning art lover. 

Winter Wonderland


Limited Edition of 100 Prints Worldwide 

For as long as I can remember I have loved Gang-gang Cockatoos; they are just so uniquely beautiful. When I was asked to paint them by a close friend, I not only wanted to do the birds themselves justice in depicting them as accurately as possible, but I wanted to make the piece stand out from other works featuring this species. As these cockatoos frequent the cold regions south of Canberra, I decided that a snowy setting would make for a stunning visual, complimenting the beauty of the Gang-gangs perfectly.

Winter Wonderland
Glossy Paradise.jpg

Glossy Paradise 

This artwork was created after many visits to the Myall Lakes National Park on the Mid-North Coast of NSW. Glossy Black Cockatoos are commonly mistaken for Red-tailed Blacks, however they are in fact very different. They are a fairly rare species that feeds almost exclusively on the seeds of Casuarina trees. 

Red-tailed Black Cockatoos 

One of Rachel's more recent works, depicting a pair of majestic Red-tailed Black Cockatoos. This piece was inspired by Rachel's love of this species and as you can see she has truly captured the beauty of these birds. 

Red-tailed Black Cockatoos.jpeg
Gang-gang Cockatoos.jpg

Gang-gang Cockatoos

Gang-gangs are my all-time favourite birds. I have personally raised several from the egg. They make extremely affectionate, engaging pets and are very intelligent birds. The models for this painting were a beautiful and very friendly pair.

Royal Guardian

This adult male Australian King Parrot sits guard on the Angophora tree whilst his mate incubates their eggs at the bottom of the hollow. Kings are stunning, regal looking birds that have always captured my attention and also that of countless others from Australia and abroad.

King Parrot _Royal Guardian_ 1.jpg
Crimson Rosellas.jpg

Crimson Rosellas

I was inspired to paint this piece during my time spent living near Dorrigo, NSW. Crimson Rosellas were a common sight and I have always considered them to be a spectacular subject to depict in my artworks.

Morning Stretch

I have some friends who live on a property adjoining the Royal National Park, just south of Sydney. Whilst visiting one beautiful morning I spent quite some time observing the Crimson Rosellas preening, playing and feeding in their garden and was inspired to create this painting.

Photo 12-11-18, 9 24 01 am.jpg
Hooded Parrots.jpg

Hooded Parrots

This Depicts a pair of Hooded Parrots. They are found in the top-end of Australia. Unlike most other Australian parrots, the Hooded excavates a long tunnel in a termite mound to make a nest for their eggs. They spend a lot of time foraging in grassland.

Calm Before The Storm

I just love the combination of the stormy sky and the beautiful colours of the Mallee Ringneck; I feel that it makes for the perfect background for this painting, adding depth and mood and making the bird really pop.

Mallee Ringneck _Calm Before the Storm_.

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