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From the Hunter to the World

“Rachel Lewis – Wildlife Artist Extraordinaire”

Growing up in Cessnock in the Hunter Valley region of NSW, nature was never far from a young Rachel’s heart. Her earliest memories divulge the deep passion for wildlife that has continued to grow throughout her life. Some of her fondest recollections are of days spent in the bush, quietly observing and taking in all of her surrounds, listening to birds, observing lizards and admiring the local wallabies. Rachel’s fascination with the local Hunter Valley wildlife grew stronger with every adventure, as did her affinity with nature in general. From this point on Rachel had no doubt that wildlife would forever be a major influence in her life’s direction.

From her early days in a Cessnock preschool, Rachel showed a great love of painting and it wasn’t long before her talent began to shine through. It was obvious to those around her that Rachel had a great amount of natural ability and artistic flair and her family were in no doubt that this should be highly encouraged. And so it was, that an artist was born!

Rachel’s fascination with wildlife only grew stronger after a move to the beautiful Bellinger Valley, as did her affinity with nature in general. Since then, years spent living in Thora, and later near Dorrigo, provided never-ending inspiration; Rachel’s sheer love and appreciation for nature and wildlife, and her drive to see it protected for the future, is clearly evident within her incredible artwork.

Although never having stopped painting entirely, with onset of motherhood, Rachel made the decision to take some time out from her artwork to be the very devoted mum that she is today. However, now that her children are older, she is again able to dedicate much needed time to her ever-present passion for wildlife art; in short “The Master is back!”

With a new improved technique and greater enthusiasm than ever, Rachel has returned to her Hunter Valley home studio for now and is again pursuing her art career full swing. Some of her more recent completed pieces include masterful works portraying Glossy Black Cockatoos, Red-tailed Black Cockatoos, Spix’s Macaws, the Imperial Amazon, Hyacinth Macaw and Wedge-tailed Eagle. These new artworks are nothing short of stunning and have been heralded by many as her best works yet. It’s very hard to imagine that Rachel could possibly improve upon her artwork of late, however, having witnessed the evolution of her art thus far, there is no doubt that she will!

Demand for Rachel’s art has continued to grow and with it her fame as well; her artwork draws widespread acclaim and attention from all corners of the globe. Her incredible talent even prompted very complimentary commentary from the late world-renowned Australian bird artist, William T. Cooper some years ago. Cooper was considered by many to be the world's finest in his field.

Rachel’s love of birds and wildlife in general has also triggered a great interest in conservation and to this end her future plans include the production of a series of artworks that will be used to raise money for various conservation programs.

The possibility to raise money for conservation projects has only served to increase Rachel’s enthusiasm and determination to continue to produce wildlife art of immeasurable beauty and astonishing accuracy. To be able to do what she truly loves doing and to help save endangered wildlife at the same time will be ultimately satisfying for her.

Demand for Rachel’s stunning pieces is growing by the day, both locally and abroad, with commissions coming from all around the Globe, as well as from within Australia of course.

There is no doubt that for those with an eye for wildlife art of the highest calibre, Rachel’s work is all but impossible to surpass. Her pieces are vibrant, with mesmerising detail; a combination that ensures that her artwork is nothing short of breathtaking – in fact, in the opinion of many, she is among the world's best.

From the Hunter to the World, local girl Rachel Lewis’ star just continues to rise and with the backing of her Hunter Valley and Bellingen communities and beyond, there will be no stopping this wildlife artist extraordinaire!

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