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A local collector commissioned me to paint a Wedge-tailed Eagle; he previously had me paint a White-bellied Sea Eagle and wanted a new piece to complement it. The only guideline I was given was that he wanted the bird to be depicted in a "dramatic" pose, other than this I had the freedom to create the piece as I wished. Above all, I of course, wanted the eagle to be the dominating focal point of the artwork, but by no means did I want the surrounding scenery to be plain and uninspiring. After much thought, and due to not wanting to paint the bird within the stereotypical “outback” setting, I put it to the buyer that I would depict it zeroing in, about to ambush its prey in the snow covered high country around Polblue, Barrington Tops, NSW; he loved it and so this piece, titled “Ambush”, came to be. 
Inspiration for the scenery was also drawn from a trip to Tasmania in January 2019.

As with all of my works, I wanted this piece to be everything and more that the buyer was expecting; to do so, I lived and breathed this artwork for 2 and a half months. I created it using oils on linen stretched over backing board.


Fine art prints available on paper and canvas:

Paper/canvas large 802mm x 700mm 

Paper/canvas x-large 1036mm x 900mm



  • Rachel's artworks showcase the beauty of nature, capturing the very essence of her subjects in intricate detail. All of which is perfectly reflected in her range of fine art prints that are available here to the discerning art lover. All printed in Australia on the best quality art paper or canvas, depending on your personal preference. 

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