Hooded Parrots

Limited Edition of 250 Prints Worldwide - Hand Signed and Numbered 



"This Depicts a pair of Hooded Parrots. They are found in the top-end of Australia. Unlike most other Australian parrots, the Hooded excavates a long tunnel in a termite mound to make a nest for their eggs. They spend a lot of time foraging in grassland."


Fine art prints available on paper and canvas.

Paper print overall size approx. 450mm x 400mm

Canvas print overall size approx. 500mm x 440mm

Hooded Parrots

  • Rachel's artworks showcase the beauty of nature, capturing the very essence of her subjects in intricate detail. All of which is perfectly reflected in her range of fine art prints that are available here to the discerning art lover. All printed in Australia on the best quality art paper or canvas, depending on your personal preference.