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Original Artwork and Fine Art Prints 

Rachel Lewis  


Specialising in Australian Birds and Animals 


Over the past months Rachel has become increasingly concerned at her inability to produce new work. A worsening injury has been making it increasingly difficult for her to paint, to the point where she is now left in agonising pain after spending even just minutes at her easel. This has understandably left Rachel feeling both extremely frustrated and very concerned at the thought of a future devoid of painting.

As always, she is so very appreciative of the support and love conveyed to her by you all and simply wanted to be open and honest about her situation in the knowledge that many will be wanting and waiting to see new work. At this stage Rachel is doing all that she can to mend, however due to the nature of her injury, there is unfortunately no guarantee of a complete recovery. She is now simply trying to remain positive in regards to being able to return to her painting at some point in the future.

As a result of this situation, we will be offering various prints, along with a small number of originals that we currently have in stock, at specially reduced prices over the coming weeks. These will be offered both here and via her Facebook page, so please keep an eye out if you're in the market for some of Rachel's stunning pieces!

Rachel sends her best wishes to all.

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Come and see the permanent exhibition of Rachel's stunning artwork @ the Bellingen Gallery & Framing Studio 3/44 Hyde St, Bellingen, NSW, 2454.

"Considered by those in the know as one of the world's best avian artists, Rachel's pieces have been long sought after by art collectors from right around the Globe. Her all but unbelievable talent for capturing birds in intricate and realistic detail, combined with her ability to bring them to life within her incredible artworks, is what sets her apart from others. Her work is simply mind-blowing in its beauty."