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Majestic Beauty


"I really loved painting this gorgeous Hyacinth Macaw portrait, the birds colours and expression with its head and neck feathers slightly ruffled, make for a great combination that helps to bring the painting to life. I used oils for this piece, and did my best to capture the birds sensitivity and impressive intellect, in particular its incredible stare."


Fine art prints available on paper and canvas:

Paper size small approx. 312mm x 370mm 

Paper size medium approx. 503mm x 600mm 

Paper size large approx. 664mm x 800mm 

Canvas size medium approx. 503mm x 600mm 

Canvas size large approx. 664mm x 800mm 

Majestic Beauty

  • Rachel's artworks showcase the beauty of nature, capturing the very essence of her subjects in intricate detail. All of which is perfectly reflected in her range of fine art prints that are available here to the discerning art lover. All printed in Australia on the best quality art paper or canvas, depending on your personal preference. 

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